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Local parents respond to proposal to place trained shooter at schools

An Indiana House committee has approved a proposal that would require all schools in the state to have an employee with a loaded gun present during school hours. 

Some of the main points include requiring all school personnel to go through active shooter training and an emphasis on opening lines of communication between law enforcement and school officials. 

Arming and training more on-campus guards and positioning at least one armed officer at every school has been a top goal of the NRA since the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

Local parents are divided on the issue. Some think the firearms should stay with law enforcement, others say teachers and administrators are responsible for the children and should be equipped to defend them.

Debi Bowlin agrees with arming teachers and administrators in local schools. 

"The teachers have no rule, no nothing, and it seems like they need either some type of gun or some type of stun gun or something to stop these kids that are carrying them into the places," Bowlin said.

The bill now goes to the Indiana Republican-dominated House for consideration.

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