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So I'm doing things a little differently tonight.  I decided to wait until I got home to write today's entry, so of course, now it's 10pm and I'm just getting to it. :)

The title of this entry seemed so fitting after my day in court.

Technically, it was probably only about 2 hours (or less), but you get my drift.  I was covering the trial of a man accused of breaking into/attempting to break into?? some Evansville businesses via the roof last summer.  Well, the defendant's attorney did not seem very happy to see me in the courtroom.  I had my 14 News jacket on and once the jury was selected and dismissed for a quick recess he asked that the judge make me leave!  The judge said, yep, you guessed it... "overruled".  Media cannot record during court sessions, but we sure as heck have every right to be there.  So, I stayed.  Guess that attorney won't be giving me any interviews about the case in the future!! :)  Ha!  That was a first, kind of an interesting takeaway from the day...

Being in and out of the Civic Center/Courts Building so much, I see a lot of the same people.  Well, today, I had to do a double take after I'd walked by someone in the hall.  Upon closer inspection, turned out it was Wayne, the technician who found that long-lost diamond a week or two ago in a printer??  I didn't realize he did work in the Civic Center, so I walked by before I put it together!  You know, Entertainment Tonight may be coming to Evansville to interview Wayne and Christi, the woman who lost the ring!  That would be pretty cool.

Wayne told me all the ladies in the Civic Center say forget the diamond, they want him to find them rubies.  Ha!  I think I'd take either!! :)

Well, who knows what's in store for tomorrow, but I'll be sure to let you know how it turns out!!

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