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Poll ranks Evansville one of the most miserable places to live

Evansville got some bad news on Monday. The city has made it onto the most miserable places to live list. Evansville ranked 8th out of 11.

According to the Business Insider, most people they polled said their work experience, including job satisfaction, was low.

They interviewed residents over the phone and focused on employment satisfaction and treatment, as well as other emotion based questions.

This has the Chamber of Commerce of Southwestern Indiana doing some questioning of their own.

"I'd question, what time of year they surveyed people. I think people are much more positive in the summertime, springtime, fall, versus January for example," said Christy Gillenwater, President of the Chamber of Commerce. "I think this goes back to the need of a branding campaign, not only externally but within our community."

This is the second negative award Evansville has received. The first being the fattest city. 

Charleston, West Virginia was ranked number 1 in the poll.

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