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Protect your plants for record low Monday night

The forecast is calling for a record low Monday night. If that prediction has your pansies shaking in their flower beds, don't worry, there are a few things you can do.

The manager at Combs Landscaping tells 14 News that plants are running about three weeks behind.

That means petunias and geraniums are MIA on store shelves and hanging baskets are much smaller than usual.

"I usually buy at least one flat of some kind," long time gardner, Christi Goodman said. 

The cold temps had Goodman just looking rather than buying Monday morning.

"I'm very afraid still. We're having cold mornings," Goodman said.

Jim Arnold, Combs Landscape Garden Center Manager, says the cold weather is bad news for new plants.

"The new growth here you can see is light green. That's new growth. Those are probably going to turn black if they get frostbite," Arnold said.

The same goes for roses. 

He says your best bet is to cover any of your plants overnight, but make sure not to use plastic. 
"You want to use something like a cloth, either a bedspread or a sheet, burlap. If you use plastic it will actually transfer the cold from one side to the other and doesn't do any good," Arnold said.

Arnold also says you should water your plants Monday night because a wet freeze is better than a dry freeze.

If your plant is dry and freezes Monday night, he says it will deteriorate some of the root system.

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