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What's the future hold for the old Stoney's building?

What's the future of the old Stoney's location in Downtown Evansville. 

The restaurant and bar closed after New Years, and Casino Aztar's General Manager Ward Shaw says by the end of the summer, they hope to have a new tenant in the space.

In fact, Shaw says the old Stoney's will likely be split into two, where there's a smaller restaurant on one side and then a separate night club. 

Shaw says right now they're looking at a couple of concepts and both of them would involve splitting the space. 

As far as when they may be able to announce who's moving in, Shaw said, "I think that we'll be in a position to announce what will be going in there by the time the rebrand rolls around in mid-June, if not before. But I would expect, certainly, we'd be able to announce that."

The hope right now is to have someone moved in by the end of the summer.

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