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Have drivers been charged more than once to cross IL/IN state lines?

If you use the Wabash Memorial Toll Bridge, you may have been charged more than once for crossing state lines.  

It only costs a car or pickup truck $.50 and that fee hasn't changed in almost 30 years. It seems small, but when customers are charged twice for one crossing, it can really add up. 

Crossing the Wabash Memorial Toll Bridge is an every day journey for residents who cross state lines to get to work. With toll fees, a roundtrip should cost $1.00, but for some it's been costing more.

"I was charged two times in one minute for crossing. I don't know how you can cross twice in one minute," an Illinois resident said.

Another Illinois resident says the same thing happened to her. 

A bill shows one vehicle was charged twice in a matter of four seconds. Then the same day, charged twice in just 18 seconds. Four days later, charged twice in 38 seconds. 

Officials with Wabash Pass say the bill was misprinted and the system can be slow to catch up with drivers. 

"Probably cross the bridge for a year and half like I said two or three times a week. Got a bill just this past November for the past year and a half," said Cindy Baumgart, a driver who passes the bridge. 

So what's the difference between having a prepaid account or just paying the violations as they come?

According to Wabash Pass, not a thing. Officials say for now, violations don't come with additional penalty fees. 

"I've had several problems and I can't get my bill straight. I've called several times. I've mailed payments in, and I can't get a straight answer on where my money is going," the Illinois resident said.

Officials say when an account is delinquent, the transponder is turned off and those fees become violations.

For every 20 unpaid violations, drivers will get a notice, but there's not a difference between a fee and a violation.

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