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O'boro Human Society needs your help to save lives


The Owensboro Humane Society needs some help to keep its spay and neuter clinics low-cost for pet owners, especially ones with cats. 

Right now, it costs $30 for people to bring their cats to the Owensboro Humane Society to be spayed or neutered, but there's a chance that might change.

Unless businesses, groups, and individuals help sponsor all or part of a $500 Spay Day, the Humane Society says it will be forced to raise that price to $60.

That's because it's run out of grant money to fix cats at that price.

The Humane Society explains that keeping these clinics low-cost helps lots of people who might not be able to take their cats to the vet for the procedure.

According to the staff, thousands of cats end up dying because of overpopulation.

One Spay Day can help up to 30 cats.

The price jump might not seem like a large amount, but Bunny Allen with the Humane Society says that it can make a huge difference.

"It's hard getting 'em in here for the $30, but they get in here, because they know that within that year if that kitty has kittens, it's going to cost a whole lot more than $30 to take care of that litter and that momma," said Allen. 

If you'd like to sponsor a Spay Day or help contribute toward one, click here for more information.

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