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PD: Arrest may be coming in South Windsor High School graffiti incident

? The following photo was provided by the South Windsor Patch. ? The following photo was provided by the South Windsor Patch.

A suspect, who allegedly spray-painted graffiti, which "references to the Newtown shootings and anti-Obama comments," on the South Windsor High School has confessed to the crime and an arrest is pending, police said.  

South Windsor Human Relations Commission Chairman Charles Margolis called the discovery "disturbing and disappointing," which included swastikas as well as the words "Colorado" and "Newtown" on school doors and gym walls.

"There is no place for this kind of behavior in our town. The acts of a few misguided individuals do not represent the attitudes or actions of the majority of our community members," Margolis said in a statement. "Nonetheless, it does reflect poorly on our town."

Police said there was a school-sponsored dance Thursday night, so investigators believe the building was spray-painted sometime between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.

"I think it was designed where people would see it," said South Windsor Police Sgt. Scott Custer.

Police said they are treating this incident as a hate crime, mainly because of the discovery of swastikas.

School custodians removed the graffiti sometime Friday morning before the annual Easter egg hunt.

"Having references to that brought about the pain and difficulty," said Dr. Saud Anwar, who is a town councilor.

There was no school Friday, police said.

The South Windsor Police Department is trying to determine who is responsible for the graffiti.

"We've seen this in the past," Custer said. "It only takes a mere matter of minutes to create a lot of damage."

The South Windsor Police Department is still investigating the incident, but police are expected to make an arrest in the near future.

Police said the suspect has no connection the high school and is not "school-aged."

But even now, after it's all been washed away, parents still wonder why someone would use a hometown tragedy to spark fear and pain in their backyard.

"I hope that the families down there can really get some peace and I hope that people can just be more aware of what's good for people out there," said parent Nicole Strickland.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police at 860-644-2551.

For the orginal story, click the following link from the South Windsor Patch.

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