Toddler put in deep freezer, parents arrested

A Kentucky couple is in jail on Saturday night after being accused of doing the unthinkable.

The sheriff in Harlan County says a 3-year-old was abused and then placed in a freezer.

Randy Hammons has been charged with attempted murder.

The 24-year-old is accused of putting his girlfriend's 3-year-old son inside a deep freezer then closing the lid.

The child's family claims Hammons not only sat on top to keep it shut, but also left the boy in there for about 20 minutes.

"It makes me cry every time I think about it," says Portia Bearden, the 3-year-old's cousin.

Bearden is more commonly referred to as the child's grandmother.

Over the phone, she told WLEX in Harlan County she called Child Protective Services several times because of abuse.

"Biting him in the face," says Bearden. "Hitting him, picking him up by the face. Hanging him upside down on the door."

Court documents obtained by LEX 18 claim Hammons caused 'serious physical injuries to the 3-year-old by striking the child, leaving marks and bruises' before allegedly placing him inside the functioning freezer.

The boy was taken to Harlan Arh, where Bearden says he was treated for a head injury.

The papers go on to say, 'the child, along with five brothers and sisters was removed and place into protective custody.'

"I feel that if that baby would've been in that household another day, another week, he wouldn't have been so lucky" says Bearden.

The child's mother, Connie Jenkins has been charged with criminal abuse.

Bearden says she and other family members will be going to court and try to get full custody of all six of Jenkins' kids.

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