Heading home on a high note

Hooray for Friday, right??  No extended Easter holiday weekend for us in the news biz, but that's ok.  I'm just very grateful I'm on the Monday-Friday shift.  Keep in mind, even on Christmas, Easter and every other holiday, reporters, producers, photographers and anchors are here to keep you up-to-date on what's happening in the Tri-State.  Hoping this weekend behaves itself and doesn't make for anything to crazy for our reporters who are spending it away from their families.

I'm leaving work today on a huge high.  I'm so happy we were able to share an amazing and uplifting story tonight at 5pm.  I'll have our web department attach the video in case you missed it (although if you weren't watching the 5pm news, why not?!?) I kid, I kid.  Anyway, the women involved in this story were such a pleasure to work with.  The rest of their family even came over to meet me when we first did the interviews.  That, by the way, is a little bit of a story in and of itself.  So often we shoot, write and edit our stories all in one day.  In this case, I filmed part of the story MONTHS ago.  We were held up because we needed to film in the hospital and St. Mary's had restrictions in place because of the flu for a while.  Finally, it all came together today.  I love leaving for the weekend in a happy place. :)

Ok, off to a Good Friday service, then more hoops on tonight.  Stinks our Hoosiers lost.  Now I'm rooting for the Big 10 and Wichita State representing the Missouri Valley Conference (where the Aces play).  Speaking of the Aces, let's hope they pull off a big win tomorrow to advance to the finals of the CIT!

Hope you enjoy the Easter weekend.

Until next time,