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Bluegrass enthusiasts raise funds for music center in O'boro


Bluegrass music enthusiasts continue raising money for the proposed International Bluegrass Music Center in Owensboro.

The fundraising deadline's been extended to August so that the museum can continue to accept donations.

Staff members say about $6.5-million have been raised so far.

That means there's about $3-million left to go.

The plan is to turn the old state office building on W. Second St. into the International Bluegrass Music Center.

It gives the museum a chance to expand with more space.

Many of its artifacts are actually in storage right now, because there isn't any free display room.

The center would also feature a performance space.

Museum staff add that the fundraising's going better than expected, but there's still some work to do.

With all the recent riverfront development, Executive Director Gabrielle Gray believes that the center is the only thing that's missing.

"It's almost like having a banquet and forgetting to bring the food out," says Gray. "You've got your fabulous China and silver and everything, oops, what are we missing? Oh, we're missing the meal."

If you'd like to donate to the center click here.

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