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Members of O'boro church carry their own crosses


Members of one Catholic church in Owensboro will re-enact the Live Way of the Cross.

It starts at the corner of Clay and East 4th Streets and ends at Brescia University.

The tradition will begin at 3 p.m. Friday afternoon at Saints Joseph and Paul Catholic Church in downtown Owensboro.

Organizers explain that 'Live Way of the Cross' is a reminder about the redemption that's associated with Good Friday.

If you're in the area between East 4th Street and Brescia this afternoon, you can expect to see a group of parishioners re-enacting Jesus' journey.

This is a strong Christian tradition in Latin America, especially in Mexico.

Organizers say that this is also held to remind people that there are times when we all have to carry or pick up our own crosses in life.

This is the sixth year that parishioners have participated in the event.

According to the church, Live Way of the Cross typically draws about 200 people each year, but members say that number could easily be higher if the weather holds out this afternoon.  

If you'd like to participate this afternoon, you don't have to be a member of the church. Everyone is welcome to attend. 

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