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Children found safe after car stolen in downtown Nashville


A Nashville mom made a quick stop to pick up her paycheck Friday morning, but when she came back outside her car - with her two small kids in the back seat - was gone.

Sierra Williams, 23, said left her car running with the children ages 1 and 5 in the back seat while she went to grab her paycheck at Dunkin' Donuts near the intersection of 5th and Charlotte avenues.

When she came outside, the car and her babies were gone.

Police immediately began looking for the maroon Honda Civic near lower Broadway, and about an hour later the car and kids were found safe and sound in a parking lot at Fourth Avenue and Harrison Street near Bicentennial Mall.

Joggers going by saw police pull up but didn't get a good look at the carjacker who police say ditched the car and ran.

"You never want to hear something about a car getting stolen, let alone with kids in the back, so I'm glad they were actually smart and dropped the car off," said jogger Toby Thompson.

As the 5-year-old child answered questions for officers to try and point them in the direction of the assailant, police say there's a lesson here for all of us.

"The main message here is even if you think you're going to be gone for a minute, a minute's too long," said Metro police spokeswoman Kris Mumford.

The 5-year-old described the carjacker as a black man wearing black pants and a black sweatshirt.

The person who stole the car fled on foot and has not been found.

Police said they don't plan to file any charges against Williams at this time.

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