More cold air next week... but there's warm weather hope

March temperatures are running over 6 degrees below normal(when you average the highs and lows together).  Although we'll have a brief warm-up this weekend, the extended forecast has another cold air mass moving in for early next week.

Here's the good news for all you warm-weather lovers... there are signs that our pattern may be shifting by mid to late April.

The Climate Prediction Center is calling for a 33 percent chance for warmer than normal temps in the Ohio Valley for April.  There's also a 33 percent chance for wetter than normal weather.

Better news still in the 90 day outlook that covers April, May and June where there's a 40 percent chance for warmer weather, and a 33 percent chance for wetter weather.

The basis for these long range forecasts include several factors, including decades long trends, lack of soil moisture or drought in much of the heartland and el nino is expected to remain neutral.