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Trashy day

I've been feeling a little funky today.  Perhaps it's because I've eaten taco salad for breakfast and lunch?  Just sayin'???  Our news director, Scott, brought in the goods as a thank you/reward for some newsroom/station achievements.  It was nummy!!  It's nice to have a boss who appreciates his team! :)

In other news, today I enjoyed the sunshine while shooting video of garbage.  Ha!  I was reporting on picketing going on at Allied Waste and a delay in delivering those new big trash carts to some folks on the West Side.  Trashy stuff, all the way around!  (So clever, this one… ) :)

In the end, I pulled up for my 6pm live shot at 5:55 only to find out it was cancelled because of a police chase in Kentucky!  Breaking news, man, it'll getcha sometimes!  And it doesn't even have to be breaking news that disrupts plans.  Wednesday I was set up to interview Cody Zeller's parents in Washington (Indiana).  For any non-IU fans who don't pay attention to basketball, he's a star player who dominated while playing for Washington, which is kind of on the fringe of our tv viewing market.  Anyway, I ended up having to cancel the interview (booo) because another reporter was sick.  They needed me closer to Evansville.  So, hopefully IU keeps winning so we can reschedule!!

Alright, off to Holy Thursday service.  Thinking about getting a big thing of ice cream on the way home to eat while I watch the Hoosiers!!

Until next time,


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