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Evansville receives approval to become a smart city, changes in the water and sewer system

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Big things could be coming to Evansville including capital improvements that won't cost you a dime.

Evansville has received financial approval to become a "smart city."

Smart City 2.0 is a plan to make improvements to the city's water and sewer system.

It's a $53-million project that will create more than 170 jobs.

Those jobs will be filled by local contractors, engineering firms with a focus on hiring minority groups.

One of the biggest projects involves making all of water meters wireless.

The new meters will allow officials to check water usage as it is transmitted to several towers throughout the area.

Data will be transmitted every four hours.

The process will make readings more accurate and most importantly the new system won't raise customer rates.

Officials say the city's water lines are massive and it's a big job for meter readers to complete readings by foot.

"We cover about a 45-mile-square area with 1,000 miles of water lines and 800 miles of sewer lines and 60,000 plus meters and with enabling this wireless technology we will now be able to respond more quickly and also get real time data on meter usage," says Allen Mounts.

Another interesting project involves the waste water treatment system.

A new system will separate and collect fats, oil, and grease.

That product can be converted to methane gas which is used to power local facilities. 

The next step is to seek bond approval from the Evansville City Council in the coming weeks.

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