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Disney magic shapes the Ford Center for Disney on Ice

Disney stars are hitting the ice this week.

Worlds of Wonder is playing at the Ford Center through Saturday.

As many of you go to enjoy the show over the next few days, you may be surprised at how much it takes to put it all together.

Before Tinker Bell and all her friends skate out, and before Disney casts it's spell, there's a lot that has to happen.

Nine trucks, each 50-feet-long, have to bring in everything from the lighting to the wires.

The entire set weighs eight-to-9,000 tons and takes the crew about 11 hours to set up.

And if you think the ice rink is already there because the Ice Men play on it, you'd be wrong.

That's because a crew has to actually paint the ice white, pour a new layer on it and paint it again before it's ready for some Disney Magic.

"Sometimes we have to bring in our own ice," says Keri Jones, a performer. "We have our own ice departments and sometimes we make it ourselves too, which is quite the process that takes normally 2 to 3 days."

With 40 skaters, comes 900 costume pieces.

That's a lot of costume changes, and most of the costume take a while to put on.

"So many," says Antoinette Hempel, one of the performers. "I change costumes probably six or seven times a show and sometimes when you're tired that's even harder than going out there and performing. You get used to it. Everything has numerous hooks and zips and snaps."

The show runs until Saturday, but once Sunday comes, the Ford Center has to be set up for an Easter service.

If you want tickets, you can buy them until the last show on Saturday at the Ford Center or online here.

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