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Hotel rooms will soon be easier to find in O'boro

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When you book a convention in the Owensboro-Daviess County Area, you're going to get a little extra help.

A House Bureau will become part of the convention center's operations.

In the past, festivals, events, and other groups typically had to spend lots of time searching for hotel rooms, but that's about to change.

Thanks to an online service called Passkey, the CVB will be able to group all area hotels into one place.

Bourbon and Blues Festival Organizer, Vince Carida feels that will make a huge difference.

"One of the things I've noticed last year was our first festival, and I've been to a couple of first-year festivals this year, and one of the things that's often overlooked is ease to the consumer in getting a hotel room," says Carida.

The CVB actually approached Carida to be the first to take advantage of the Housing Bureau once it's up and running.

"I was very excited, because it's something that I think gives us a differentiating factor for festivals," says Carida. "We know we can draw people in from out of town."

Owensboro currently has less than 1,000 hotel rooms.

That means it will likely be one of the smallest cities with a housing bureau.

Sean Dysinger, with the CVB explains how this will help events choose a place to stay that's right for them.

"It's just going to put it all in kind of a one-stop shop for the hotels to say this is the rooms we have available, these are the amenities that can go along with that." says Dysinger.

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