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Add a touch of Disney to your business

What's better than going to Disney?

Having Disney coming to you.

IVY Tech Corporate College is hosting members from the Disney Institute next week.

Evansville Police Chief, Billy Bolin is a big Disney fan.

Not just the characters, but the Disney business model.

He's read all the books and attended the Disney Institute both times they were in Evansville and even dragged a few sergeants with him.

But Chief Bolin says there are a lot of similarities between Disney and Police Departments.

"You know who has more tradition than we do, we have 150 yeas of being a police department in our community," says Bolin. "We are trying to get the guys around here to be proud of what they do, it's not just a job, this is a career. It's a profession. Little kids like watching a Disney movie, the play with police cars, they act like they're police officers. They want to grow up to be police officers. Same thing with firefighters so there is a connection there that you can do like Disney does."

After attending, EPD has brought back a sense of pride to the department. They've changed their hiring orientation, which now includes the department's history with a video.

"We call it reflections, reflect on the history of Evansville Police Department, and basically let them know what it is like to do this job, why they should be proud to be part of this profession," says Bolin.

The halls are now filled with police history including a new wall sized image of what the department looked like in the 1920s'.

Chief Bolin also publishes a monthly newsletter in the image of Mickey Mouse.

The seminar will be held next Thursday.

Anyone can attend and tickets range from $360-$400 for the day long program.

If you want to register for the Disney Institute Online, click here.

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