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Allied Waste workers picket in support of workers on strike in Ohio

Local Teamsters 215 are picketing in Evansville, but they are not on strike.

14 News received a tip about this early Thursday morning so we went to check it out.

The Allied Waste workers who are picketing told us it's in honor of their fellow teamsters who are on strike in Youngstown, Ohio.

Our NBC station there tells us they were told by Republic Services there will be a disruption in trash pick up in some counties, although they did not say why.

That NBC affiliate has also received calls about a strike at the landfill.

It was just this summer that our Local Teamsters 215 were on the picket line and in a lockout with Allied Waste for several weeks negotiating a contract.

"These people work hard for their money just like plenty of people in this community do," says Chuck Whobrey, President of Teamster Local 215. "But we should not be ashamed for supporting our fellow workers and sometimes there might be an inconvenience but none of our members have ever wanted to be on strike."

The City of Evansville says the informational picket by Allied Waste and Republic Services union employees has caused a one-day delay in trash and recycling pickup. They say trash and recycling pickup will resume Friday for Thursday service and Saturday for Friday service.

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