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FireMe! app posts your tweets about job, bosses


The latest tool for bosses and HR departments to blow the cover of employees that lash out on Twitter has hit the web.

The app is called FireMe!

And you could already be on it.

Devised by a German research university, it's a search engine that filters tweets from around the world and loads them onto the website.

Combine the word "job" with, "hate", "boss", "kill", or add in a little profanity, and the tweet is uploaded to the site in real time for anyone to see.

"You never want to say anything bad about your boss or your competitor or anything that could end up backfiring on you," said professional resume builder Steve Miller.

Miller has helped 8,000 clients in Las Vegas, and when it comes to social media, he believes many act without thought of consequences.

"They really think that somehow they're incognito, that they're not traceable, that they're protected," Miller said.

There's no protection on FireMe! Tweets and Twitter handles are separated into categories such as haters, horrible bosses, sexual encounters and potential killers.

If you're worried, there's a section of the site where you can check check out your own Twitter handle.

You are given a fire meter score on how likely you could be fired if your boss saw what you've posted.

The creators of the site state this was invented to raise awareness to the dangers of online information.

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