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Taking A Stand: Proposed Posey County fertilizer plant

For months, the 14 News staff has been gathering information on a proposed fertilizer plant planned for Posey County.

The parent company of the plant is based in Pakistan. As we've reported that company, The Fatima Group, has been accused by the Department of Defense of failing to help protect American lives by refusing to make changes to fertilizer they produce. The fertilizer is commonly used in IEDs.

The U.S. adviser to this international company spent some time in the Tri-State this week with local leaders talking about changes the company has now made to get back into the good graces of the Department of Defense.

14 News reporter Gina DiPietro spent the better part of the day trying to reach out to Tom Campbell. Instead of making himself available to discuss this project, Campbell had a representative at his law firm email this two sentence statement to our newsroom.
"We are committed to making this significant economic development project work in Posey County. This $2 billion investment is good for Indiana and good for Indiana farmers."

So that's his stand. But, unlike some, we're not just going to take his word for it.

Rather than be a mouthpiece for that company we will work for you to find out who's really telling you the truth.

As I've stated before, we want to see new jobs and industry come to Posey County, but only after we've been assured that this company will stop making a product that can be used to kill Americans.

That's my stand.


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