Out of breath

Wooh boy!  A busy last few hours it's been!!!  Up until about 2:45pm I did a good bit of waiting around for things and chatting with folks.   After that, it was all systems go to get things finished on time!  I ended up with another photo finish at 5pm.  I had to park the car, run about a block to get to the camera and do an intro to my story without making it seem as though I was out of breath.  I haven't watched the video back to see if I succeeded.  Ha!

One great thing about the downtime was that I was able to have some good conversations with folks I see or work with now and then.  Where did all these conversations happen, you might ask?  The good ole Civic Center, where else??  It's my second home when I'm reporting in Evansville!

I was definitely glad to run into Evansville Police Sgt. Rodney Riecken on my way out.  Sgt. Riecken is retiring from the EPD after 23 years on the job.  I met him while doing a story about the safety of the Greenway quite a few months ago.  Sgt. Riecken is the Parks Liaison and often rides an ATV up and down the Greenway when the weather allows to keep an eye on things.  Whenever I've seen him around since then he's been very nice, and Police Chief Billy Bolin speaks very highly of him.  In his new free time, Sgt. Riecken told me he's going to be building a house and doing some traveling.  I wish him all the best!!  Nice city workers like him make my job more enjoyable, and I definitely love seeing friendly faces when I show up at the Civic Center.  It kind of makes you feel like you're "in the loop" or something, when you recognize people. :)

I also had a nice chat with a gentleman who just happened to stop and say hello as he was heading out the building.  He was a professor at USI for 20 years and made it a point to tell me he enjoyed my reporting.  Certainly nice to hear, especially coming from a stranger!  So there, I guess I'm tooting my own horn.   Hopefully that's allowed every now and then, haha!

On that happy note, I'm going to head out.  I've got a big night ahead of me:  going to Sam's Club and watching a new episode of Law & Order!!  Woo hoo!!! :)

Until next time,