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Emmons' wife facing criticism for standing by husband

Andrew Emmons. Andrew Emmons.

Former Boonville Middle School teacher Andrew Emmons is facing 42 charges related to placing camera inside the school.

Concerned parents are now shifting their attention from Andrew to his wife, who is also a teacher at Boonville Middle School.

Some parents even want her removed from the classroom.

Superintendent Brad Schneider said Emmons' wife hasn't done anything wrong. She is actually listed as a victim in the case and the district doesn't have any plans to place her on a leave of absence.

Schneider said the district may look at things at the end of the school year, but classes will resume as normal for the next eight weeks. 

Emmons' wife has been by his side throughout this case.

Emmons is accused of placing a camera inside the faculty bathroom and in his personal residence.

Parents of the younger victims say they understand Emmons' wife is a victim, but say her presence in the school makes students uncomfortable.

One parent says teachers, some of them also victims, also feel uncomfortable with her presence.  

"She's a 7th grade teacher at the school, these girls now are in 8th grade and she walks down the 8th grade hallway for no reason. She doesn't belong there. I think she's causing more stress on the kids than what's necessary because whenever they see her, it reminds her of him," one concerned parent said.

Warrick County Prosecutor Joann Krantz said some of the teachers have said they want to be present at Andrew's next court appearances. Those hearings are scheduled for April 8th and May 6th. 

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