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Procedure changes by popular O'boro Facebook group causes a stir


A popular Owensboro Facebook group makes some changes to its procedures, which has some members asking why.

Owensboro Barter and Trade has started a Pay to Post Program, where sellers pay a yearly $5 fee to post or list items on the site.

Businesses can do the same thing for a $25 fee.

However, it's still free to be a member, buy, or browse within the group.

Users pay with a credit card or Pay Pal account.

Administrators say that no personal information is revealed when this is done, they are simply notified that someone has paid.

They explain that this was put in place to help keep the site safe and cover administrative costs as the staff grows.

"We're trying to protect people on the site, and it's an ongoing thing," said Waylon Hurt, the groups founder. "We're actually got people working on the site constantly to make sure that we're giving all of our people the best service possible," said Hurt. 

Billy Pogue, the site's administrator says, "Like any business, we have, you know, administrative costs. We actually have administrators that keep the site clean, free from clutter, make sure posts are deleted, approve members, answer questions," said Pogue. "There's an array of things any business would do. This is no different."

The administrators add that all money would be properly reported.

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