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DOJ says two large Evansville meth trafficking operations dismantled

Two large meth trafficking operations apparently feeding the meth demand in Evansville with a very potent kind of meth are dismantled and 12 people are arrested, all but one from Vanderburgh or Posey County.

According to federal documents, the drug trafficking allegedly involved the use of local drug couriers who would transport large quantities of meth from Arizona and California to the Evansville area using personal and rental vehicles.

In one case federal agents intercepted phone calls and text messages where the suspects used code language to discuss drug trafficking.

Law enforcement followed one suspect who they said rented a car from the Evansville Airport driving it to California where another defendant picked up the vehicle and replaced money hidden in the truck with 26 pounds of meth.

U.S. Attorney Joseph Hogsett says it was obvious the amount of meth was coming from outside the Tri-State area.

"26 pounds can not be produced locally, it has to come from somewhere else and that is where federal law enforcement and federal prosecution, can play a very decisive role," said Hogsett.

All 12 defendants are in custody and could face ten years to life imprisonment if found guilty.


  • Andrew Bastain, 27, Evansville
  • August Hirsch, 28, Evansville
  • Adan Vasquez, 35, Evansville
  • David Haas, 43, Evansville
  • Bobby Bass, 40, Evansville
  • Jesus Torres-Flores, 41, East Palo Alto, CA
  • William H. Elder, 71, Posey County
  • Everett C. Tarr, 56, Evansville
  • Terry L. Ward, 61, Posey County
  • Michael L. Clark, 54, Evansville
  • Brenda G. Deer, 47, Evansville
  • Lauri A. Cupp, 45, Posey County

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