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Gun shops running low on ammo

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The metro is running low on ammo, and it is getting harder and harder to find certain kinds of bullets.

No one is exactly sure what is causing the spike that is being seeing at gun stores all across the county. But the one thing everyone does agree on is that prices are way up and supply is way down.

Business is brisk at UT Arms in Kansas City, KS.

Owner Chris Coad opened up shop a year and a half ago. He knew running his own business would be tough but never expected his biggest challenge would be trying to track down enough ammo to keep his shelves stocked.

"We're struggling to get that ammo. We're doing limits on what individuals can buy. Just like your Walmart's, Cabela's, Dicks ... everyone is doing a rationing of that ammo right now."

Coad says 9mm, .40 caliber and .22 long rifle ammo is especially hard to find right now. He says that has been the trend for the past several months, but it has gotten even worse over the past few weeks.

He is not sure what is causing it, but said more and more people are buying guns and getting into shooting, which could be driving up demand.

Further south at OMB Guns in Olathe, the staff is turning to technology to fire back at soaring ammo prices.

They've installed a virtual firing range complete with real guns retrofitted to run on compressed air.

"People that aren't able to come in, spend all that money on ammo and shoot as much as they'd like to they can still have a fun time," store manager Andy Bower said.

Bower has been in the business for years and said he's never seen ammo shortages this bad.

He points to massive ammo purchases by the Department of Homeland Security, including an order of 360,000 .40 cal bullets just last week as a major driving force behind the spike.

"You can't hit a manufacturer with that big of an order and not expect to be delayed down the chain," Bower said.

As to when the levels will even back out, Bower said it's all simple economics.

"You know, supply and demand. They're trying to meet that demand they can only work so many hours a day like anyone else," Bower said.

Many avid shooters buy reloading kits to reuse their spent ammo, but even those supplies are hard to find. 

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