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More than 30 goats killed in barn fire

Farmer Howard Shelburne Farmer Howard Shelburne
Several goats burned by fire. Several goats burned by fire.

SHELBY COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - More than 30 Alpine Dairy goats died in an overnight barn fire near the Shelby/Jefferson County line.

The fire started around 4 a.m. Wednesday morning along Fisherville Road.

Howard Shelburne's pride and joy has been reduced to more than half. The farmer said he didn't know how many were hurt until daylight because most of the animals huddled in the far corner of his pasture. Shelburne estimated he had around 50 in his herd.

Among the dead are newborns and yearlings, one-year-old kids.

Simpsonville and Eastwood fire departments responded to the fire. "A neighbor woke me up. I think it was around 4. Fire trucks got here at 4:10," Shelburne said.

The fire nearly reached his home. Flames destroyed his pickup truck and almost reached his Jeep.

"My Jeep was sitting there. It burned all the mold off my Jeep," Shelburne said.

Insurance will cover Shelburne's barn and vehicles. However, his goat herd wasn't insured. "It's a hobby. We raise them just for fun and show them at the Kentucky State Fair - been doing that for 37 years."

While Shelburne's livestock are Alpine Dairy goats, he doesn't raise them to sell dairy. He said three isn't a profitable market here.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. Shelburne said a heat lamp keeping the newborn kids warm may have been knocked over.

Several of the perished animals were pregnant.

Neighbors agreed to take Shelburne's remaining livestock in, for now.

"We'll either have to sell them or rebuild," he said.

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