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Owensboro Girl Scouts find out some good deeds are often rewarded


A good deed is often rewarded.  

An Owensboro Girl Scout troop found that out on Tuesday night. A service club is giving the troop the money for a trip that the girls had donated to a family in need.

Gracie Hobbs has been in Girl Scouts for five years. She says being a scout is a great way to bond with her friends.

"We learn a lot of life skills. We learned first aid. We learned a lot of things," Gracie said.

Every year her troop sells Girl Scout cookies and uses the money to go on a trip. The night before this year's presale, something happened that changed their plans.

"One of our old friends Brianna, her dad, he died. It was just a tragedy for all of us and we just wanted to help her out," Gracie said.  

One by one, each girl went to their troop leader and told her they no longer wanted to go on a trip. The whole troop decided to give the money raised to the family of the girl who lost her dad.

"I cried a little bit, and I was just really proud of them for being the girls that they are," Susan Montalvo-Gesser said. She's Troop 615's leader. 

One of the scout's mom went to a bingo hall on a Saturday night to sell Girl Scout cookies. The Civitan Club heard about what the girls were planning on doing with the trip money and decided to give the troop a gift at Tuesday's Girl Scout meeting.

The Civitans gave the Girl Scout troop $1,300 so they could take this year's trip. 

"I was taken back that somebody would recognize us as a troop because we are so small and there are a lot of troops in Owensboro," Girl Scout Jacquelynn Gesser said. 

The Girls Scouts plan on going to Mammoth Cave in June.

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