Second post!

Alright, second post of the day!!  I'm just now starting to return to a state of calm.  The second half of the day ended up being a lot more stressful than the first.  Down to the wire on a story that I didn't know I'd have to be doing until shortly before 2pm.  That's always fun!!

I think it turned out pretty well, hoping the video is attached to the post (I don't do that part, the real web folks who actually know what they're doing on here do).  :)

I'll be interested to follow the story and let you know how it goes!  For now, off to yoga class.  Also, hoping our UE Aces pull off a win tonight!  Just heard that Colt Ryan passed Larry Humes as the all-time leading scorer in team history.  If they win, there's a chance the team could be back at the Ford Center for the next round of the tourney, which would be great!

Until next time,