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Neighbors relieved man accused of home invasion is now in jail

Keith Michael Reiter. Source: Vanderburgh County Jail Keith Michael Reiter. Source: Vanderburgh County Jail
Photo Courtesy: Tyler Stolz Photo Courtesy: Tyler Stolz

The Evansville man accused of robbing and tying up an elderly couple and then leading law enforcement on a two county chase was in court on Tuesday. 

The suspect, 32-year Keith Reiter, is facing a dozen charges in the case and a cash bond has been set at $10,000 cash.

Neighbors are happy to hear the man that tied up and robbed a couple just a few doors down from them is now in jail. 

"I was very surprised. It scared me,"neighbor Susie Weaver said. 

Reiter is suspected of robbing an elderly pair in their home on Sunday night. Officials say he stole more than $650 cash, jewelry and a flat screen TV before tying them up and threatening their lives. 

Neighbor Walt Weaver understand why the pair obeyed his every word. 

"Once he had them inside, he more or less had them at his mercy. He was good to them. He didn't kill them outright, but he used intimidation, 'I know where you live, I will come back if you don't do what I tell you to,'" Weaver said.

Officials say Reiter called the couple the next day and demanded more cash. He told them to meet him near a park.

That's where officers tried to stop him and the chase began. He led law enforcement on a high speed chase through Vanderburgh and Posey Counties before he came to a stop and was shot in the shoulder by an officer.

"I think it's a very simple, life sentence, would stop a lot of that. You have people endangering 30, 40, 50 people, however many people they meet on a roadway, no matter how crowded it is or isn't, they're willing to risk other people's lives," Weaver said.

As a former officer, Weaver knows the risks involved in a chase.  

"When you hit that intersection, you don't know what's going to happen. Did the guy coming from the left or the guy coming from the right, did they hear my sirens? Did they see my lights? Are they paying attention?" Weaver shared.

Neighbors say they are happy that the victims are okay and they'll be keeping an even closer eye on the neighborhood. 

Law enforcement officials have said they think the couple was targeted because of their age. They say suspects often watch their victims and learn their routines, so it's important to mix up your routine and be aware of who may be watching.

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