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While school's out, law enforcement train in empty halls

If there's a shooter at school, Evansville police officers and Vanderburgh County deputies are training to make sure they can better respond to any school-related attack.

The last time deputies and officers took part in something this large was five years ago. This week nearly all day shift officers and deputies are training while school is out on spring break.

"We couldn't ask for a better place to train," EPD Assistant Chief Chris Pugh said.

About 70 officers and deputies will go through the active shooter rapid deployment training this week.

"What we are doing is training with simulations I call it a glorified paintball round, but it actually is a round that is fired out of the officers duty weapon on the rifle he might be carrying. There is some pain if you get struck with it and it is a marking cartridge so you know when you've been hit," Assistant Chief Pugh said.

They went through the halls of the old North High School, as parents and law enforcement preparing for an attack on one of their schools.

"It adds some realism, stress, just seeing some of the guys coming out from the different scenarios breathing heavier," Assistant Chief Pugh said. "We got role players in it. They are required to shoot back, and all of the situations aren't where we are going to shoot, sometimes the suspect will just give up. Which is realistic training because everything doesn't involve a shooting, so they've got to make shoot-no shoot decisions also."

Officers say the last gun related incidences they responded to was Day School about a month ago. No one was hurt and a weapon was never found, but police are still investigating.

Before that, about five years, ago a student tried to get into Reitz High School with a rifle, although he was arrested before he got in.  

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