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Tornado Practice set for this week

With no severe weather on Wednesday or Winter Storm Warnings for that matter, tornado drills are set for Wednesday morning and Wednesday evening across Indiana.

The goal is to educate all citizens about the hazards of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms and to help everybody be prepared when severe weather strikes. My view, the best way to prepare is to practice several times over the next few weeks. Do this throughout the year...if we have a moderate risk for severe weather in December...great time to review.

When you practice at home, use a stop watch/cell phone timer to see how long it takes for everybody to get in their tornado/thunderstorm safe shelter. How long does it take the first time? When I drill with students or with families...the first tornado drill might take over 1-minute...sometimes 90-seconds. Sure...the 3rd and 4th time you can get this down to 30-seconds.

Over the years, kids do a super job working with their teachers at school. However, not every family has a plan at home. Most severe weather will occur during the hours of 2:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. So you need to have a plan at home too. I tell kids to remind their parents.

Mix up the way to practice the tornado drill. Parents can be outside...grandparents in the start the drill. 



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