Breaking the streak...

Shame, shame on me!  I think yesterday I missed posting an entry for the first time on a day I've been at work (in the office).  Broke the streak, rats!!  I went home planning to write it from there and send it in and of course got distracted and forgot! :) Anyway, perhaps I'll write two today!

First up, Iet me tell you a little bit about yesterday.  It seems like it was about a million years ago, somehow!  One of my stories was a brief follow-up on the Grippo's potato chip recall.  The chips (not the recalled ones—new ones!) are back on shelves, so I went to get some video at the Buehler's IGA on North Main.  They were kind enough to let me in with the camera, yay!!

So, I shot my video and was waiting around hoping to talk to a customer or two who were happy the Grippo's were back.  Just my luck, no one was stocking up while I was there. J  (The one woman who bought some was not a fan of the camera).   BUT, I did have an interesting conversation while I was hanging around.  A 14-year-old boy I guess was feeling kind of chatty and decided to first show me the toy he was going to buy for his dog.  We somehow started talking about Spring Break, I think, and he ended up telling me the best part was that he was going to get to go to his friend's and girlfriend's houses a lot while they were out of school.  That somehow morphed into him explaining that he's learned his lesson about having more than one girlfriend at a time because once all three of his girlfriends showed up at his house at the same time.  Ha!  Needless to say, I stayed fairly entertained while he was around. :)

I was back at the station around 4:45pm putting together another story about an armed robbery in Evansville when plans got all switched around.  A police chase was happening, and I ended up heading that way with a photographer.  The chase didn't end until somewhere near Poseyville, so it was definitely over by the time we caught up to the scene.  If you watched the 6pm news, I guess you saw my very sad, very windblown "look".  Where was my hat when I needed it?!?  Gahh!

Anyway, it was pretty darn chilly out there.  I'm sure the police were just as ready to pack it in as we were!  Our live truck ended up with a good bit of mud on it because we had to take a muddy gravel road to get there.  That, of course, meant that I ended up with a good bit of mud on my pants by the time I got home.  So far, today it seems I will be able to stay much warmer and cleaner, two good things!

Well, I'm about to head over to the Rotary Club meeting where Mayor Winnecke will give his second State of the City Address around noon.  I have a feeling they have some pretty good food at those meetings.  Perhaps I'll score a lunch?? (I'm kidding:) )

I'll try to write more about the second half of the day a little later on to make up for missing yesterday!

Until next time,