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Warrant issued for former McCutchanville firefighter charged with theft

A felony theft warrant has been issued for the former McCutchanville firefighter now charged with theft from the Jeremy Tighe Scholarship Fund. 

This investigation has been a dark cloud of over the department for months now, and on Monday, thanks to an affidavit, we know what led to that felony charge.

What started as a scholarship fund set up in memory of a fallen brother, ends in a fire house divided after the discovery of missing money earlier this year.

On Monday night, one of the brothers who created that account is charged with stealing the money. An affidavit states that former McCutchanville firefighter, Chad Becker, who recently resigned from the department, admitted during a lengthy interview with a detective with the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office that he "has a spending problem."  

According to the affidavit, Becker and another firefighter, came up with the idea to develop the scholarship fund.

The affidavit says on January 18, over $4,600 was discovered missing from a PayPal account associated with the scholarship. It says that Becker said when he would purchase something from E-Bay, the amount associated with the price of that item was deducted from the scholarship account instead of his personal PayPal account.  

The affidavit goes on to say that Becker told authorities the missing money was a book keeping mistake and that he deposited the money back into the scholarship account.  

It says Becker said he could not tell authorities that he did it maliciously and could not say for sure the misappropriation of funds was an accident.  

Authorities say he told them, 'Obviously I have a spending problem.'

Once Becker resigned, we're told he moved to Montana. There's no word on if Becker will be arrested there.  

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