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Animal shelter wants answers after adopted dog is shot

The Daviess County Animal Shelter is asking for the public's help after a dog was shot and killed. What's not known- who did it and why? 

Megan Thomas volunteers at the Daviess County Animal Shelter almost every day. She says its an amazing feeling helping animals.

"What I like about volunteering is that I feel like I'm a voice for the voiceless," Thomas said.

Thomas walks shelter dogs every day, but one stray Shepard mix puppy brought in from McLean County stood out from the rest.

"She was kind of scared and I felt like she needed to be loved on and to be shown all humans aren't bad," Thomas said.

Thomas made a picture collage in hopes the dog would find a home. Last month, the dog was adopted from the shelter and its new owner named the dog Tootsie.

Tootsie ran away from her new home on Thursday.

"I saw a picture on Facebook. The next day, I saw somebody had found the dog at the YMCA and we connected the two of them," Ashley Clark, the Director of the Daviess County Animal Shelter, said. 

Tootsie ran away from home for the last time on Sunday morning. The Daviess County Sheriff's Office found the dog dead in Little Hurricane Park in Owensboro.

Tootsie had been shot in the head. A microchip traced the animal back to the shelter.

"Total disgust! Why would somebody shoot a dog when they could have brought it to the shelter. It's sad that it was a dog we all knew from the shelter, that it was adopted from us," Clark said.

Clarke says someone must have taken the puppy to the park because it was too far for a dog that young to wander.

If you have any information on who killed Tootsie you can contact the Daviess County Animal Shelter. 

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