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Study: KY children are healthier than most across the country


It looks like Kentucky children are healthier than most across the country. 

It's fitness places like the sports performance center at Baptist Health Madisonville and the Hopkins County Family YMCA that are adding to the statistics of Kentucky children being healthier than the national average.  

A study released last week by the Data Resource Center for Child and Adolescent Health shows that 85.5 percent of Kentucky children were in very good or excellent health for 2011-2012.  

Compare that number to the nationwide average which is 84.2 percent.

Unique programs in Hopkins County are helping those statistics, such as the 5210 program at the Hopkins County YMCA, which calls for five fruits and vegetables per day, less than two hours of television, one hour of physical activity, and no sugary foods.

Pam Stewart, the wellness director at the Hopkins County YMCA, demonstrates the importance of reversing the growing trend of obesity nationwide.

"If it keeps going the way it is right now, our children will be the first generation to have a shorter life span than their parents," Stewart said.

Baptist Health Madisonville gives free year long memberships to kids who have their sports physicals done at one of their fitness facilities.

"Just kind of some of the stuff we want to kind of look for- healthier living, working out, eating better, getting off the couch, staying away from the Doritos, the Fritos, and the Cheetos diets," Jason Carl said. Carl is the senior athletic trainer at Baptist Health. 

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