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Nota-Gona-Wheeze helping students control their asthma

50 students are hoping to breathe easier with St. Mary's 8th annual Nota-Gona-Wheeze.

The camp takes place four days this week and is for students from kindergarten to 5th grades with asthma. 

Kids get to meet other children their age who are also coping with asthma and how to keep their asthma under control.

"We teach them about their asthma, what asthma actually is, how they can identify their own triggers, what makes them sick and how to avoid those triggers," said Jackie Richards, a St. Mary's respiratory therapist. 

"We run around and play basketball, and do hula hoops, and jump ropes," said Ja'naya Birdsong, an 8-year-old with asthma. 

The camp is open for both EVSC and parochial school children.

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