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POLICE: Women scam 68-year-old woman in parking lot


A 68 year old woman was the victim of flim flam artists, but police say she's fortunate that the situation didn't turn out any worse than it did.

The victim told WBTV's David Whisenant she was walking out of a shopping center on East Innes Street Friday when she was approached by two women who appeared to be in distress. One of the women was holding her chest, saying she feared she may be having a heart attack.  The women asked the victim if they could just sit in her car to calm down.

Once in the car, the women told the victim that they had found a pocketbook full of cash on the ground, and that when they asked a man walking by if it belonged to him, he became enraged and started cursing them, triggering their anxiety.

Police say that was the first part of a tale the women weaved in order to get money from the victim.  The next part of the story involved one of the women telling the victim that she needed to take the pocketbook to her boss, who was a lawyer and who was currently across town at Staples.

The victim took the women to Staples, in the same parking lot.  One woman went inside for a few minutes, then came back out.  She told the victim that the boss/lawyer told her she needed to invest the money and that the victim would need to put up some of her money.  The victim then drove the women to the ATM where she took out $300 and gave it to the women.  Not satisfied with that amount, they demanded that the victim get more cash.

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