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Princeton prepares for snow fall, ready for spring


Conditions became pretty mild on Sunday night after a winter storm advisory was issued.

The bulk of the snowfall for Princeton was expected to hit around 10:00 p.m. and the assumption looked to be accurate.

Regardless of the snowy conditions, it's been quite cold outside and feels nothing like spring time should.

"This is nuts," says Kreesasens Meier. "This is just nuts. I'm ready for summer. I'm ready for warm, flip-flop weather."

Meier lives in Princeton and is one of many 14 News spoke with on Sunday who say they weren't happy with the weather conditions.

"Well yesterday, we were at Easter egg hunts and we were in short-sleeves and no coats," says Meier. "And then today, we need our winter coats."

"It's suppose to be my day off," says John Grey. "And I wanted to get outside and do something. And we just can't do anything right now."

Throughout most of the day on Sunday, roads remained slick from a rain-snow mix.

Areas north of Princeton, such as Vincennes and Bloomington, received snowfall Sunday afternoon.

The areas further south expected to see snow in the late-night hours.

"Well, we'd taken most of our plows and sanders off the trucks," says Charles Woodruff, the Street and Sewer Superintendent. "So we've been busy putting those back on. We thought we were about done with snow. But, I believe mother nature is going to prove otherwise."

Princeton Street and Sewer Superintendent Woodruff says it is strange to see snowfall in spring, but that he has seen it before.

He also says his garage is ready for the storm.

"We'll have our guys out when the snowflakes first start falling, to keep the roads from getting slick, as best we can," says Woodruff. "And then we'll work through the night to clear the roads by morning travel."

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