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Sloppy morning commute

Call it the winter that overstayed its' welcome. Call it the spring that just hasn't sprung into action. Whatever you call it, many tri-staters are getting tired of January weather in late March.  I'm one of them.

I love a good snow storm, but the one affecting us now isn't fun.  It's ulcer-inducing.  The forecast has changed a bit due to the low changing course on us.  Winter Weather Advisories and Winter Storm Warnings are in effect for the northern two-thirds of the tri-state tonight and into Monday.

The heaviest snow has fallen over central Illinois and Indiana with around 9 inches reported near Springfield, IL.  Once again, the tri-state finds itself on that rain/snow dividing line, making snow forecasts not so fun to put together.  Along the Ohio, expect 1-2 inches with 2-3" north of I-64.  The US 50 corridor and areas north of the tri-state will see the brunt of the snow with 3-6 inches likely.

This will make for a sloppy morning commute on Monday, with the worst conditions north of I-64.

Did I mention the wind?  Yeah, that low has very tight pressure gradient with it, meaning wind gets stronger the closer to the low.  Expect a windy, cold night and day on Monday with light to moderate snow tapering off to flurries through the day.

There is some good news... I'm calling for 50s and even 60s to return in the extended forecast late next week into next weekend! 

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