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Indiana Senators respond to approved budget vote

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Indiana political leaders have responded to the Senate approved budget vote that took place early Saturday morning in Washington D.C.

In a release, Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly said, " I think we need to cut spending and make changes to our tax code as we work our way back to a balanced budget. The budget proposal I voted for today is not perfect, but it is balanced: it would cut spending by nearly $1 trillion and close tax unnecessary loopholes. Even more important, it would not balance the budget by turning Medicare into a voucher program or by raising taxes on middle class families."

He said, "There is no issue greater than getting more Hoosiers back to work, so I was pleased to vote for two important amendments during this debate, both of which passed the Senate, to help create jobs for Hoosiers. I was joined by every Republican senator and 32 of my Democratic colleagues in voting to repeal the medical device tax, which is inhibiting the growth of some of Indiana's most important jobs creators. I also supported a bipartisan amendment advocating for the construction of the Keystone Pipeline, which would create tens of thousands of jobs and help lessen our dependence on foreign oil. I will continue focusing on job creation when I travel across Indiana next week meeting with community leaders to discuss how we can continue to grow our state's economy."

Donnelly concluded by saying, "Now it is time for both parties to come to the table to make the tough choices necessary to further cut spending and move toward a balanced budget as we aim to create a stronger country for our children and grandchildren."

Indiana Senator Dan Coats also responded to the vote that he opposed.

In a release, Coats said, "It has been four years since the Senate last considered a budget, but unfortunately the Senate Democrats' plan was not worth the wait. This budget won't reduce the out-of-control federal spending. It won't grow the economy or generate job creation. It won't save Medicare and Social Security from going broke. It won't pull our country back from the brink of a fiscal crisis and it won't balance the budget."

He said, "Instead, the Democrats' budget puts the foot on the gas pedal and drives our country further and faster into debt. Rather than grow the economy, the Democrats' budget grows the government at the expense of hardworking Hoosier taxpayers. The Senate budget is an unserious plan at a time that demands serious action and tough choices to get our fiscal house back in order."

The Senate unanimously agreed to include one of Coats' amendments in the budget resolution that would require the Congressional Budget Office to report annually an estimate of the cost per taxpayer of the deficit for any year the president's budget is projected to produce a deficit.

"I am pleased the Senate agreed to pass my amendment that forces Washington to be honest with the American people about the seriousness of our financial problems," added Coats. "At a time when each child born today is saddled with $50,000 of debt, Congress should be focused on bringing down the deficit and growing the economy. This amendment is a good step toward transparency and requiring the administration to outline how much it is adding to the debt."

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