KY Wesleyan Choir performs for first time after crash

KY Wesleyan Choir to perform for first time after crash

The Kentucky Wesleyan Choir will have their first concert since their tour bus crashed earlier in March.

The bus carrying the choir went airborne in Chattanooga, TN on March 10.

Officials say faulty breaks caused the bus carrying 44 people to veer off the side of the road in an attempt to slow down.

Of the 44 on the bus, 22 were treated for injuries.

The choir put last minute touches on their first performance since the bus accident on Friday night.

Michael Stone says he loves singing and has been in the Kentucky Wesleyan Choir since his freshman year.

Three years later, he is now the Choir President.

"We are a choir family," says Stone. "It's like you're singing, but you're hanging out with your best friends. All of my best friends are in this choir and all the people that I love in this school are in this choir, so it's a really great family experience."

The choir met Friday afternoon at Third Baptist Church to get ready for their first concert since the crash.

Madison McKinney is a member of the choir who is from North Carolina.

The choir's last show on their tour was going to be in her home town, but the accident caused the date to be canceled.

"It was going to be nice to have all of our family and friends there so we're a little disappointed about that, but we're now glad that we will be able to do a home concert here with all of our friends and family in Kentucky," says McKinney.

Stone says he was sad the rest of the tour was canceled, but feels the choir's next concert on Sunday is a time for healing after the bus accident and the death of the choir's conductor in November.

"We really proved our resilience, we came closer after our loss and after this accident, we became even closer and we didn't know that was possible," says Stone.

The choir's concert will be at Third Baptist Church on Sunday at 6:00 p.m..

It's free for anyone to attend.

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