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O'boro Airport prepares to close control tower


The Owensboro-Daviess County Regional Airport is preparing to close its control tower.

This stems from the federal spending cut.

Airport Manager, Bob Whitmer says the Federal Aviation Administration ordered 149 control towers to close in April.

Owensboro's tower will close on April 7.

The closure will not affect day to day operations and pilots will still be able to take off and land safely.

The announcement comes one day after congress passed a temporary budget that offered little relief to agencies facing tough decisions.

"It was actually expected for the time being," says Whitmer. "We're still hopeful the FAA can reverse this or congress I should say would probably be the ones to reverse this."

Whitmer says last summer, the FAA spent around $500,000 improving the control tower by adding an emergency stairwell and refurbished the elevators in the control tower.

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