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Henderson Co. Humane Society shelter needs help

The Humane Society of Henderson County is trying to find new homes for several animals in need after a fire in Christian County.

The humane society posted on their Facebook page they're especially in need of adoptions after taking in 17 animals on Friday.

Shelter Operations Director Josh Cromer tells 14 News that there was a fire at the Christian County Animal Shelter on Monday.

He says the shelter had over 200 animals in need of homes and those animals were displaced due to the fire.  

Cromer tells us that volunteers from Henderson County went to pick up nine dogs and eight cats to bring back to Henderson for adoption.  

Cromer says Henderson's shelter was already full, but he didn't think twice about reaching out to help others.

"It's just one of those things where we couldn't stand by and watch another shelter suffering through this time because it very well could have been us and we would also be in a position that they're in and we would really hope that other communities would reach out and help us in the same way that we're helping them," says Cromer.

If you would like more information about adopting an animal you can visit the Henderson Co. Humane Society's Facebook.

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