Former WWE wrestler snaps tree to save mom from apartment fire

Professional wrestler Chris Mordetsky, better known as "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters from the World Wrestling Entertainment made the headlines after rescuing his own mother from her burning apartment on Wednesday.

Mordetsky was in the gym, training, when he received a call that something strange was happening at his mother's Los Angeles apartment.

When Mordetsky arrived he found his mother Diana, 57-years-old, being held hostage by her neighbor.

The neighbor reportedly threatened to set the apartment on fire if he or anyone else made a move to break down the door.

Once police arrived, Mordetsky says a fire became visible inside the apartment.

Mordetsky sprung into action and reportedly began directing the officers and provided his assistance.

He ordered officers to break down the windows and get his mother out of the apartment.

Officers and fire fighters attempted to feed a hose through a broken window, but was cut short because of a tree blocking the way.

That's when Mordetsky became the chiseled, Greek God his gimmick portrays to snap down a 10-foot tree down to the ground and clear the path to her bedroom windows.

Mordetsky says he had to bear-hug the tree in order to save his mom.

He also added that he never loved his mom as much as that moment in his life.

The relief of her sudden rescue was 'indescribable,' according to The Masterpiece which left him slightly shaken.

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