American Hero

Yay!!! Just wrapped up my story which means I'm about to hit the road to get in some quality basketball watching the rest of the day! :)  Ahh, the benefits of waking up at the crack of dawn!

Sunrise was great this morning.  I had a lot of fun (as usual) with Dan and Byron…even got to show some team spirit and put on my IU t-shirt at the very end of the show.

I hope you'll tune in tonight at 6 to check out my story.  It's an uplifting one.  Really, by my standards, I've done pretty well this week.  I think 4 of the 5 longer stories (we call them packages) I did were positive and happy!  Tonight's is about a special guest USI had on campus last night and today.

In 2004, Melissa Stockwell became the first woman to lose a limb in the Iraq War.  Since then, she's become a 3-time Paratriathlon World Champion and Paralympian (not to mention a Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipient).  Right now, she's training for her first Ironman competition.  I caught up with her as she did a spinning class with USI students on campus this morning.  Very cool!


Love all the positivity this week, so I'm definitely hoping it carries over into next (and beyond)…

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Until next time,