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Girlfriend says alleged severe beating by Reko never happened

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The arrest of Reko Levels on a Felony warrant, last weekend, was the result of a massive manhunt and media blitz orchestrated by the Evansville Police Department.

He was wanted on multiple charges after a woman told police Levels had assaulted her on March 8.

Levels sat down for an exclusive interview with 14 News and said the alleged incident, never happened. 

County Prosecutor Nick Hermann said the charges have not been dropped and the office will continue to build a case, possibly without the victim's testimony.

Levels has been arrested more than 50 times and was convicted of two felonies. He's in jail tonight, but for how long?

"We want to stop the revolving door. When we have someone that has repeatedly offended, somebody that has a history of violence, we want to do everything we can to lengthen their stay in jail," Hermann said.

Hermann said Levels is a habitual offender.

"I've been charged, but never convicted of domestic battery," Levels said.

But court documents show Levels was convicted of misdemeanor domestic battery in 2011.  

Now, he is facing four felony counts including intimidation with a weapon, battery and theft.

However, the case against him is getting tricky,  because the victim is changing her story.

In the probable cause affidavit, the victim told officers "Reko had struck her in the head (with his fist) and then threw her down the stairway...she stated that after Reko hit her in the head and she could no longer hear from her left ear." 

But today she tells 14 News, a different story.

She says in the past, Levels has never been violent. 

"He's never even pushed me, never grabbed me, never shoved me, nothing, at all. I'm not afraid of Reko, there's no reason to be, he's never in any way put his hands on me at all," the alleged victim said.

Reko has an explanation for her new story.

"This is my theory, she won't go against me," Levels said.

Officials say victim testimony is key in domestic violence cases.

"You still have to have the witnesses in place, to win a case, we still have to have a good case, we still have to prove it," Hermann said.

Without a witness, officials will have to use photos and evidence from the crime scene. Not an impossible conviction, but certainly not an open and closed case.  

Authorities learned of the alleged abuse after the victim's co-workers called 911.

The victim said she went to work at the Vanderburgh County Clerk's Office and her co-workers noticed her injuries. She says she told co-workers that she didn't want to go to the hospital, but when the ambulance arrived, she was transported to Deaconess Hospital. 

The victim said she doesn't remember what she told officers at the clerk's office or in the hospital. 

The victim said resigned from the clerk's office because of the personal matters.  

Levels said he was in contact with the victim while police were searching for him and he said the victim told him not to turn himself in.

A jury trial in the case is set for May 13. 

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