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EPD claims a not-so-common drug is the reason behind the burglaries

Kegan Mullen and Drew Groomer Kegan Mullen and Drew Groomer

New information in a rash of east side Evansville home break-ins and what police say may be fueling these crimes.

EPD says three people have been charged, and 27 homes have been broken into since November.

On Thursday, officers gave an update to a room full of concerned neighbors.

Investigators say the suspects are scoping out these neighborhoods and then break in.

But the weird thing is, it's not during the night.

It's during the day.

They say drugs are these burglar's motivation but not the one we hear so much about.

Out of 27 burglaries since November, police say they've identified a suspect or made an arrest in 12 of them.

Another 15 are still under investigation.

But what concerned neighbors say surprised them most is what police say is driving some of these crimes, heroin.

In the past month, police say burglars have hit another five homes between Burkhardt and the Warrick County line, and Newburgh Rd and the Lloyd.

Including homes along Brookshire, Salem Court and Indian Trail.

22-year-old Kegan Mullen of Evansville and 24-year-old Drew Groomer have been charged in the burglaries and both are being held in the Vanderburgh County Jail.

Police say if you see anything suspicious, don't hesitate to call 911.

It may just be the suspect they've been looking for.

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