Daviess Co. middle school being renovated during summer break

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - The Daviess County Public School District will be renovating Burns Middle School once school gets out for the summer.

The Daviess County School Board passed a motion that would approve the final drawings and cost for the project.

Water has gotten behind the outside brick of the school.

Crews will have to take the brick off, spray insulation, and then put the new brick on the building.

The project will cost just over $1-million.

"Besides the water infiltration, we do have some other issues with humidity on the far end of the building," says David Humphrey, the Director of Maintenance and Operations. "It's got an older four pipe boiler system that doesn't do a really good job of humidity removal."

The project is expected to take all summer to finish.

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